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UN Recruitment Programs

Many United Nations organisations have their own recruitment programs which target young professionals.


The most popular program is the United Nations Young Professionals Programme (YPP), which is an annual recruitment initiative of the UN Secretariat aimed at attracting highly qualified young professionals who are willing to start a career as international civil servants. The UN provides real and valuable opportunities through a competency model based on a diverse range of programs that include a wide selection of career planning and development workshops. These exciting opportunities and tangible career support services are naturally extended across all the Organization’s established job networks: Political, Management and Operations Support, Economic and Social Development, Information Systems and Communication Technology, Legal, etc.

You can learn more about the UN YPP program here.


Another recruitment program is the Junior Professional Officer (JPO), which is an entry level professional program for young professionals who are willing to find a job at the following organizations: United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and its affiliated funds/programs, including UNCDF, UNDOCO, UNV, UN Wom- en, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNIDO, UNITAR, UNOPS, UNRWA, UNSSC, UNU, UPU, WHO. JPOs work with international and national staff and are involved in the identification, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of UN supported programs.

You can learn more about the UNDP JPO program here.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has its own hiring program Junior Professional Officer (JPO). JPOs are young professionals who are interested in humanitarian work and would like to contribute to UNHCR`s future and its work in favor of refugees, internally displaced and stateless people The areas of expertise that the organization looks for in particular are: law, public administration and social sciences.

You can learn more about the UNHCR JPO program here.


The Young Professional Program (YPP) by the World Bank Group (WBG) is designed for highly qualified and motivated individuals skilled in areas relevant to the WBG technical/operations such as economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering, urban planning, agriculture, natural resources and others. To be competitive for this highly selective program, candidates need to demonstrate a commitment to development, proven academic success, professional achieve- ment, and leadership capability.

You can learn more about the WBG YPP program here.

Other Programs

Recruitment programs are held by other organisations in the UN system, including the: Food and Agriculture Organisation, International Atomic and Energy Agency, International Fund for Agricultural Development, International Finance Corporation, International Labor Organisation, International Monetary Fund, United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organisation, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, World Food Program. You can explore their hiring programs on the websites.