International RelationsCareer Challenge
18-22 February 2019 (Applications closed)
King's College London, United Kingdom
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Degree Requirements

International organisations welcome students and graduates from various academic backgrounds. Whatever your education degree, you will find a suitable position within the United Nations System.

Law degrees

If you study or studied law at university, you may consider career options which involve the provision of legal advice and services to the international organisations; advice on constitutional and other legal issues, interpretation of and draft amendments to the rules of procedure for bodies, staff regulations and rules.

Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights degrees

If you’re pursuing or have acquired a degree in political studies, international relations and human rights, you could assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of interagency programs to support policy development, provide electoral support and help reinforce the Rule of Law. You will also be competent to cover political analysis and prepare reports for major committees and bodies of the international organisations.

Business and Economics degrees

If you are have been studying business and economics-related areas, you could fit vacancies which entail program and project management and analysis of economic sectoral development at global, regional and national levels. Professionals working in this area carry out empirical and substantive research together with analyses of trends, developments and related policy questions that are relevant to their specific field.

Science degrees

If you are enrolled in science studies, you can become involved in the compliance, development and creation of infrastructure to support the information and communication technology systems. This may include computing, telecommunications, office automation, software and hardware support, internet operations and enterprise-wide applications.

Social studies

If you are a social sciences student, you can engage in basic research on trending socio-economic issues, social development and sustainable development programs such as aging, child labor, education, health and HIV/AIDS, hunger and malnutrition, poverty reduction, indigenous people, environment, migration and refugees, women and gender equality, youth.

Journalism and media studies

If you are engaged in journalism or media studies, you can participate in activities that involve planning, managing and evaluating public communication campaigns, building and facilitating strategic contacts and forming partnerships to ensure effective public communication. Through the global network of information centers, you will work with media, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations to spread the core messages of international organisation mission to people around the world.

Military academies

If you used to study at a military academy, you can contribute to the development of security standards and procedures in the international organisations, analyze security information in relation to staff and operations, assess threats and risks, carry out investigations, implement appropriate risk mitigation measures.