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18-22 February 2019 (Applications closed)
King's College London, United Kingdom
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Career Outcomes in 12 Months After Graduation

A Graduate Outcomes Survey is conducted among the graduates of the International Relations Career Challenge twelve months after the program completion.

The data below presents the Graduate Outcomes Survey results for the IRCC 2017 intake at King’s College London which was completed in February 2017. The survey was conducted in February-March 2018 and reached a response rate of 76,67%. According to the collected data, 91,3% of students who completed the IRCC 2017 KCL intake were able to find employment within twelve months of graduation. The rest of the class – 8,7% of students – were engaged in further studies, in particular in a postgraduate degree program. None (0%) of the IRCC 2017 KCL graduates were classified under the ‘Unemployed’ category at the time of the survey.