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June 17-21, 2019
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Overview 2018 KCL

Dates and Venue

The International Relations Career Challenge (IRCC) 2018 intake was successfully held on 19-23 February 2018 in London, United Kingdom. The event was hosted by the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London, a globally recognised educational institution for professionals passionate to build international development career.

You may gather even more details about the program’s sessions and students’ experience at the IRCC 2018 KCL from the report created by one of the intake graduates – Ms. Marianne Govic. The report in a pdf format can be accessed here.



The IRCC 2018 KCL united 25 young professionals from countries all over the world with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. It was attended by participants of 23 different nationalities, including Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Palau, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, Venezuela.

Academic and professional backgrounds of the attendees included economics, international relations, international development, politics, law, humanities, business, commerce, finance, engineering, and communications.


The IRCC 2018 KCL program was attended by 17 experienced professionals with substantive experience in various international development organisations worldwide. The speakers were advising students on the career start in the competitive field of international relations, outlining development opportunities and educating students on how to practically apply knowledge gained in universities to real assignments in international organisations.

The list of speakers attending the IRCC 2018 KCL program can be viewed here.


The topic selected for the simulation of decision-making responsibilities at the IRCC 2018 KCL professional roles assignments was ‘Promoting Economic Development In Post-Conflict Environment Through Employment Generation’.

International development is an important area of growth in post-conflict countries. Within a decade, 40% of post-conflict countries will return to violence. The evidence for economic programming and investment reduces the risk of renewed conflict by providing a means for survival and recovery. The approach uses an equity lens to capture not only the economy, effectiveness and efficiency of an intervention but to reach out to those most disadvantaged for a greater impact.

The IRCC 2018 KCL young professionals were divided into four groups each representing a Task Team for the assigned country  – Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mali, Ukraine. The assignments focused on proposing evidence-based policies and programs to encourage economic growth and implementing them into the national development strategy of the assigned Member State to restore confidence in social, political and economic institutions.

Winning Team

Congratulations to the team of Ukraine recognised as the winning team for the IRCC 2018 KCL!

The team consisted of six bright professionals, including Alisa Nesterenko (MA in Political Science, Tel Aviv University; BA in World Economy and International Affairs, National Research University Higher School of Economics), Michael David Eggleston (BA in International Engineering, University of Rhode Island), Ozgun Ozguven (LLM in Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy and International Relations, Tsinghua University; BA in Economics, Izmir University of Economics), Prachiti Venkatraman (LLM in Professional Legal Practice, BPP University London; LLM in International and European Law, University of Amsterdam; LLB Law, University of Warwick), Shihui Yin (MA in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, City University of London; BA in International Economy and Trade, Central South University), Zilan Kara (BA Politics, King’s College London).



As the IRCC organisers, we always aim for continuous improvement and collect feedback from the program graduates at the end of the program. We are glad to announce that the IRCC 2018 KCL intake became the second one in a row to reach a 100% satisfaction rate of students. The detailed feedback can be viewed on this page.


Photo Gallery

The pictures of the IRCC 2018 KCL can be viewed here.