International RelationsCareer Challenge
June 17-21, 2019
Johns Hopkins University, Advanced Academic Programs, Washington DC, USA
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Class Profile

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Our mission is to practically educate professionals who target to develop an international development career regardless of your background, past industry or nationality.

The flexibility of the IRCC program attracts talented professionals from around the world with a wide range of backgrounds. We bring together people, cultures and ideas to change lives and transform organisations. Participants come from various nations, representing all continents and are a balanced mix of age, gender and expertise.

While our most recent class has a high proportion of students from international relations/development/politics background, in a typical year, nearly half of our attendees have a degree in a different field. Trust us, you don’t need to have an international relations major to achieve great things at the United Nations, the World Bank, and other international organisations worldwide. In fact, some students consider themselves career switchers, seeking the necessary skills that allow for advancement. And all our attendees are very happy with their program experience – in fact, the latest three intakes reached a 100% satisfaction rate, according to the data anonymously collected from the graduates.

Below you may learn more about our students of different intakes, their profiles and motivation behind joining the course, and more.


Class profile for the IRCC 2019  KCL intake which took place on 18-22 February 2019 is presented below.



Class profile for the IRCC 2018 JHU intake which took place on 16-20 July 2018 is presented below.