International RelationsCareer Challenge
February 19 - 23, 2018
King's College London, United Kingdom
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Do I get any certificate after the completion of the course?
Yes, every participant of the course would get a Certificate of Completion after the end of the program.

Do I get academic credit for participation in the course?
No, the International Relations Career Challenge is a non-credit course.

I do not live in the United Kingdom, can I participate?
Yes, nationals of any country can participate in the course. We will provide you the necessary visa documentation upon successful program enrolment.

What is the application screening procedure?
The screening process is introduced to ensure participation of highly motivated and talented candidates. The selection will be based on applicants’ resumes/CVs submitted during the application process, followed by their performance at the essay submission and at the interview.

Is there an age limit for participation in the course?
No, there isn’t. Candidates of all ages can apply for the program, both young professionals in the early stage of their career and experienced professionals willing to undertake a career change have recognised the program as effective in helping to reach their professional targets.

Are there any scholarships offered to participate in the course?
No, participation in the course should be fully funded by the participants.

What is the deposit?
The deposit is a partial payment for the course fee. If you successfully pass the application screening procedure, you will be informed about the amount and method of the deposit payment in the invitation-to-participate email.

Why do I need to pay the deposit?
The deposit payment is requested in order to confirm your willingness and commitment to join the International Relations Career Challenge.

Could I claim a refund of the participation cost?
The deposit is non-refundable. The remaining amount of the course fee can be refunded by the written request before the deadline stated in the Admission Offer Letter issued to you upon successful enrolment to the course. If an applicant chooses not to attend the program and did not refund on or before the deadline, the applicant forfeits the full amount of the payment.

Are you affiliated with the United Nations?
The International Relations Career Challenge is not affiliated with the official United Nations authorities or its bodies. All information provided does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the United Nations.

Are there any guarantees that I will get a job at the United Nations after the course?
The course provides you an opportunity to gain the practical experience of working in the United Nations simulating major professional roles and testing the UN competencies. The application for the specific job vacancies is the responsibility of the candidate. According to our survey conducted 4 months after the IRCC 2016 finished, 29% of the participants were employed in various organisations across the United Nations system.

I can’t attend the International Relations Career Challenge. Could I participate online?
Online participation is not available at the present moment.

How can I get an Admission Offer Letter?
You will receive an Admission Offer Letter and all other documents you need for the program participation if you successfully pass the application screening procedure. The application screening procedure is intended to select the best and brightest candidates who are passionate about building their career in the United Nations.