International RelationsCareer Challenge
February 19 - 23, 2018
King's College London, United Kingdom
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Application Process

Step 1. Double-check the requirements

Carefully read the eligibility requirements to participate in the International Relations Career Challenge to make sure you successfully meet them.

Step 2. Complete the application form online

Take your time to prepare and update your Resume / Curriculum Vitae to clearly and effectively demonstrate your education credentials and experience whilst explaining your skills and professional knowledge. Fill in the application form by clicking ‘APPLY NOW’ and attach your Resume / Curriculum Vitae before submitting the application.

Step 3. Pass the screening process and take the interview

Application forms will be screened to ensure that applicants meet the IRCC eligibility requirements. The successful applicants will further be invited to submit an essay on a specified topic and attend a 30-minutes online interview with one of the IRCC team members. The purpose of the essay submission and the interview is to select the best and brightest candidates who are passionate about building their career in international relations. Only successful candidates will receive an invitation to participate in the study course.

Step 4. Reserve your place

To book your seat in the IRCC we ask you to make a deposit payment (30% of the total course fee) in order to confirm your willingness and commitment to join our course. The remaining amount is due within the deadline stated in your Admission Offer Letter.

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Step 5. Prepare for your arrival

Get ready to participate in the International Relations Career Challenge! Prepare to meet ambitious young professionals and qualified international relations career mentors, develop competencies that are essential for working in international organisations and explore the world of diplomacy!