International RelationsCareer Challenge
June 17-21, 2019
Johns Hopkins University, Advanced Academic Programs, Washington DC, USA
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You may learn more about the IRCC class profile by clicking on this link.

Education level

  • Undergraduate degree programs

Students on their second year of studies and above and graduates within three years of graduation can participate in the International Relations Career Challenge.

  • Master degree programs

Current students and graduates within three years of graduation are welcome to apply for the International Relations Career Challenge.

  • Doctoral degree programs (PhD)

Current students of doctoral degree programs are eligible for the course.

The IRCC program has proven to be equally beneficial for professionals with different education levels, nationalities and number of years of work experience. It is suitable both for young professionals and professionals in their mid-career looking for an opportunity to make a career change.

Language requirements

The language of instruction of the International Relations Career Challenge is English. Candidates must be fluent in written and spoken English.

There are no age, work experience or nationality restrictions to participate in the International Relations Career Challenge.